Specialized High Performance Lenses

The ZEISS LightPro Polyamide + RiPel front (rose colored) high contrast lenses are engineered specifically for sports requiring exceptional detail, like cycling, tennis, climbing, hunting, and hiking.

When you are outdoors, the natural world can appear to be a flat expanse of green and brown. This is because your eyes are overwhelmed by the predominance of green light from vegetation and orange light from soil, trees, and the path.

ZEISS LightPro copper/rose lenses reduce the amount of green and orange light that reaches your eyes. This allows you to see more shades of color in your surroundings, giving you a more balanced color perception.

This can help you to stay safe and avoid obstacles.

If you are an outdoor adventurist who wants to see more clearly, more detail, and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings, then the ZEISS LightPro copper/rose lenses from Compass are the perfect solution for you.  

Here are some additional benefits when cycling:

  • Increased depth perception: You can see more clearly in three dimensions, which can be especially helpful when navigating challenging terrain.
  • Brighter field of vision: Filter out harmful UV rays and glare, which can help you to see more clearly in bright sunlight.
  • Maximum image definition: Sharper and more detailed vision, which can help you to identify obstacles and hazards on the trail.
  • Increased contrast
  • Reduced glare and eye fatigue
  • Improved safety

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