Time to See Better

We've teamed up with ZEISS, the global optics leader, to enhance your outdoor adventures. ZEISS LightPro technology ensures safety by reducing accidents and improving your perception of details and the surrounding beauty.

Unmatched clarity with ZEISS LightPro lenses. Watch to see why.

See Every Detail

Welcome Friends

Compass Eyewear was created after seeing my friends being injured repeatedly when biking with polarized or inferior sunglasses. I partnered with Carl Zeiss Vision in Germany with the sole intention of helping hikers, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts see every detail on the trail and road, have fewer accidents, and have more fun.

We deserve better.


Why do most sunglasses act as blinders?

  • Light Weight Italian Made Frames

    We use the strongest, most comfortable, and best fitting frames from Italy. Your sunglasses have always been the least techy part of your gear - prepare for a new reality. Explore more, think less...

  • Carl Zeiss Vision - Germany

    We use the absolute best ZEISS has to offer - LightPro Polyamide scratch- resistant lenses and water/dirt repellant coatings. This means exceptional clarity so you see every rock, bump and obstacle. See more and wreck less. Navigate to clear vision...

  • We Deserve Better

    You lose your sunglasses, scratch them, sit on them, run over them. We get it. Compass simply provides the world's best outdoor vision technology at the world's lowest price. Find your true north...