At Compass, our mission is to kindle the inner outdoor enthusiast in you. We aim for you to approach every adventure with an open heart, returning with a profound connection to the environment. Our goal is to enrich your experiences by enhancing your ability to witness finer details, capture natural beauty, and marvel at nature's wonders.

Traditional sunglasses, unfortunately, often act as blinders. They limit your vision and can make it challenging to see clearly, even with pricier brands, leading to avoidable accidents. As a cyclist, I've witnessed too many accidents resulting from obscured vision caused by sunglasses.

It's disheartening to discover that many companies use subpar materials and coatings, with over 90% of lenses made from polycarbonate plastic, which doesn't offer optimal clarity. Why should we settle for sunglasses made from materials akin to water bottles?

We deserve better.

This drove me to establish Compass Eyewear. I teamed up with Carl ZEISS Vision in Germany to craft sunglasses explicitly tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring Polyamide lenses and cutting-edge LightPro technology. You'll notice the difference on your very first outdoor excursion.

I'm Andres, and my commitment to you is simple: you will see better and avoid more accidents with Compass Eyewear.

I'll see you on the trail.